viernes, 10 de julio de 2009

Lips Of An Angel

Lips Of An Angel.
Listenning you I sleep
And I dream with a guy
That was you.
I imagine with a farytale,
With my magic palace
And my sweet song
About wonderful worlds
With that "And be happy for ever"
And my blue prince...
That was you.

(Chorus 1)
And Don't tell me "fantasious girl"... No, no
That are you.
And please close the farytales book...
With a kiss.
And don't do a goodbye song...
I am here and I'll gonna
Love you even you don't
Wnat to...

Let my reality go,
Don't wake up me.
Let my imgination flow,
Yes, yes.
Let me dream,
Let me go,
Let me smile,
Let me be happy.
Cuz' I don't wanna cry, oh.
Cuz' I don't want to see.... Oh, no!

(Chorus 2)
And don't tell me "Crazy princess"... oh, no
That are you.
And please ends the farytales movie...
With your kiss.
And don't be a paranoid guy just...
Just love me,
Cuz' I am only one,
No more,
Only one...

And when all be over,
And I wake up,
Kiss me... Just one time, only one.
And when I remember
That be only a dream,
Tell me that I'm only your Best Friend,
And any more else.
Cuz' I know...
I'll gonna cry,
And you will hug me...
And I will join on!Yeah, yeah!

Bis Chorus 1 and 2.

(Chorus 3)
And when come the end,
I will kiss you...
In the middle of our concert,
And you'll hate me.
But just one time...!
I'd would feel your lips...
Your Lips Of An Angel

Bueno, ésta canción, es muy confusa... Y es como me siento, confundida. De ahí la canción tan loca. Las que me conocen sabrán por qué, y la razón tiene nombre, segundo nombre y apellido ¬¬. Pista: Empieza con N y termina con icholas Jerry Jonas. En fin, post rápido que estoy viendo el mejor capítulo de Sunny, with a chance.. El de James y Chad celoso.

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